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Brush Goats 4 Hire is happy to offer a local, Santa Barbara County, eco-friendly alternative to brush thinning and fuels load reduction through the use of this age old tool, the goat.

Everyone has a story to share about goats. Either they had one (or many) growing up, heard a great goat story, or first hand experienced some humorous goat antics along the way. Goats are part comedian, part Houdini, with a wonderfully adept body that can do some serious clearing. Managing these four-legged wonders can be the trick. Working brush goats as a business on private and public land through target browsing, as most learn, is an art that takes a lot of hard work, education, patience, more education, more hard work, and of course, a sense of humor. Sucessfully combine managed animals, nature, and people, and you can create something wonderful.

Herbicides are used frequently, and you canít avoid hearing the buzz of the weed whackers on any given day. Home and landowners are stewards of their land, so clearing is often necessary to keep things healthy and safe. Yet, we all love our privacy so we usually donít get too excited about removing the vegetation. But you can get excited about creating healthy land and vegetation. Consider the use of goats.

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